Tips Ahead of the Recruiting Season from the Discover GS Series

The school year may be wrapping up, but recruiting season is only a few short months away. That makes this the perfect time to explore the many career opportunities at Goldman Sachs and start preparing to be the most compelling possible candidate. 

The Discover GS Series of webinars is designed to help you start thinking about what areas of Goldman Sachs you are most interested in and what you can be doing right now to help you get there.

Join us throughout May and June by registering at Then, stay up to date on fall recruitment events at


Webinar Session Broadcast Date
GS101: Inside Look at Goldman Sachs May 11, 2015
Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills May 13, 2015
How to Build Your Network May 18, 2015
Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills May 20, 2015
Staying Close to Financial Markets May 27, 2015
Our Social Impact June 8, 2015
Careers for Engineers June 10, 2015
Beyond Banking June 15, 2015
GS Outside New York June 17, 2015
The Role of a Trusted Advisor June 22, 2015
IPO Lifecycle June 24, 2015

Note: All webcasts are pre-recorded and air at 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM EST unless otherwise specified. Registration for each webinar will become available several days prior to launch and the schedule is subject to change. Please keep checking back at to register for these webinars.

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