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Brietta, an associate in our Hong Kong office working in sales in the Securities division, talks about deciding on a career path, the importance of workplace networks, and more.  Here are highlights from her profile:

"It was not until my junior fall in college when I was invited to partake in a two day tour of a trading floor in New York that I became interested in the field (of finance) and decided to apply for an internship."

"I wanted to be in Asia, in a fast-paced environment, and in a role where I could interact with people; a sales position in Hong Kong made the most sense. It was through my internship that I confirmed that Research Sales was indeed the best fit for me."

"As a double major in International Relations and East Asian Studies, I did not have much background in economics nor finance, but I have found that I am able to apply various skills that I have learned from my undergraduate concentrations to my work."

"One aspect that I like about Goldman Sachs is the presence of support groups such as the various affinity networks. The Women’s Network has been useful for me during my career as it’s an organization that I can turn to when I need guidance. I enjoy attending a lot of the events held by the Women’s Network in Hong Kong as it gives me a chance to hear what professional women inside and outside of the firm have to say on different aspects of work and life."

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