Inside Our Environmental, Social and Governance Impact Report

Kara Mangone, a vice president on our Investor Relations team in New York, explains the key features and themes of the firm's Environmental, Social and Governance Impact Report.  

What is the Environmental, Social and Governance Impact Report and why does the firm publish it?
The Environmental, Social and Governance Impact Report is an interactive site that highlights the impact of our work around the world. This impact can take many forms, such as providing advice to a corporate client interested in pursuing strategic options or convening key individuals across public and private sectors to pursue solutions. We publish the report to share different stories of our impact with our investors, clients and key stakeholders. It is also a resource for our people.

What are some of the key features/sections in the report and what can readers take away?
The report features an interactive map to highlight the impact of our work around the world. Users can click on one of the 20 locations represented and read about the work of our people in each place. This year we also added a 10-year retrospective timeline that highlights some of the firm's environmental milestones. The site also includes a summary of the key ways that we have an impact – namely, by committing our people, capital and ideas to serve our clients, shareholders and communities.

Can you talk about some of the themes that are particularly resonant this year?
The report currently highlights more than 75 stories across the 20 locations around the world, so there are many different themes represented. A few of the themes that were common this year include the importance of clean energy, infrastructure improvement, and helping our clients find innovative ways to solve social and economic challenges.

What is your role in Investor Relations and what is it about this area of work that interests you most?
Working in Investor Relations means that my responsibilities are broad and my role is quite dynamic, which is also what I like most about it. In a typical day, I have to use a mix of analytical and communication-based skills, as well as manage relationships with a wide variety of people both inside and outside the firm. I work with many of our investors who are interested in a wide range of topics, including our approach to environmental, social and governance issues, and I spend a lot of time collaborating with my colleagues across the firm and around the globe on those topics. I also work closely with my colleagues in Investor Relations to analyze our business, market trends and competitive positioning and to help prepare the firm for key events, such as our quarterly financial results and management presentations. 


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