Advice from Former Interns: How to Stay in Touch

Summer internships may be coming to an end but the process of maintaining the relationships developed throughout the summer is just beginning.

In our “How to Make the Most of a Summer Internship” Google+ Hangout we asked two former interns who now work at Goldman Sachs, Serena in Securities and Jeremy in Operations, to provide tips on how interns can maintain a connection with their colleagues after heading back to school.

“People do want to hear from you after the internship,” Serena says, suggesting that students personalize their outreach. “Showing that you remember something about them can have a positive, lasting impact.”

For example, Serena sent through her senior thesis because it was on a topic of interest to her colleagues and occasionally reached out regarding current events relevant to their business.

Jeremy notes that reaching out once each semester to people you were close with is a good frequency and advises keeping emails short and sweet. Provide applicable information on what you’ve been up to and check in on the progress of projects you worked on.

Watch the chapter on how to stay in touch or watch the complete Google+ Hangout for a wide range of recommendations on maximizing the impact of your internship from Serena and Jeremy.


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