Advice from Former Interns: How to Handle Feedback

Handling feedback constructively is important for professionals throughout their careers and an internship may be the first time you have that experience. In our “How to Make the Most of a Summer Internship” Hangout we asked two former interns who now work at Goldman Sachs, Serena in Securities and Jeremy in Operations, to share the feedback they received as interns and tips on how to handle the process.

“For me it was my first time ever receiving professional feedback and I didn’t really know how to handle it,” Jeremy says. “What I tried to do and what I recommend doing is to be as receptive as possible. Take it in, digest it, and then a day or two later develop some action points where you can really grow and become more effective at your job.”

Serena points out that you don’t have to wait for a formal review to roll around in order to receive feedback though. Asking for feedback and following up on feedback are important as well.

“Say, ‘This is what I’ve been working on, this is how I think I’ve been doing. What do you think?’” Serena recommends. “Then nail the follow-up. A couple weeks later let them know how you’ve acted on your feedback and ask, ‘What do you think now?’”

Watch the chapter on handling feedback to hear what feedback Serena and Jeremy received during their Goldman Sachs internships or watch the complete Google+ Hangout for tons of additional advice.


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