Goldman Sachs University

To help our people make an impact and progress in their careers, we invest in their education and development.

Goldman Sachs University provides a wide range of entry level and continuing education programs for our employees at every stage of their careers.

And while books have their place, at Goldman Sachs University the emphasis is on learning the practical, every day, business-to-business working of our company, as well as our rich, diverse culture. So be prepared to rub elbows with senior leaders one day and take part in a team-building simulated business presentation the next.

All new analysts and associates start their careers at Goldman Sachs by participating in Goldman Sachs University’s Firmwide Analyst and Associate Orientation Program. This year, nearly 2,000 new hires completed the program that includes “hands-on” training and presentations by senior leaders.

At Goldman Sachs, you’ll have access to our top leaders from day one. Orientation program speakers not only include Chairman and CEO Lloyd Blankfein, but also Gary Cohn, the firm’s President and Chief Operation Officer, John Rogers, Chief of Staff of the firm and David Viniar, Chief Financial Officer. These talks – not lectures – are delivered with passion, humor and eye-opening insights into the company’s culture strategy and performance.

Following the firmwide orientation program, each division has its own multi-week training program that will ensure you are ready to make a contribution immediately. Ongoing training and development is also provided across a wide range of topics, including financial markets, the latest product innovations, leadership and professional skills. The overwhelming, positive feedback we receive from new employees from around the world says it all:

“Witnessing how much the people at the company value the Business Principles, I was impressed from day one with the culture of the firm.”

“Having a global program helps bring us closer since we’re with each other at all times.”

“I’ve learned almost as much from the people as I did with the classes.”

Goldman Sachs University provides every new employee with a thorough understanding of our company’s history, culture and work ethics. More importantly, it provides you with a higher degree of confidence to do your job to the best of your ability from the moment you sit behind your desk.

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