Building a Career: 'The Goldman Sachs Experience'

Each year, Goldman Sachs welcomes over 2,000 new student hires from hundreds of colleges and universities around the world. 

They each go through our Firmwide Analyst and Associate Orientation (FAAO), a program designed to provide new employees with a stronger understanding of the firm’s culture, business principles, strategy and commitment to diversity – and a jumpstart on the technical skills they will use on the job. New joiners also have an opportunity to hear from senior leaders, including chairman and CEO Lloyd Blankfein, president and chief operating officer Gary Cohn, and executive vice president and chief of staff John F. W. Rogers, and to participate in networking events to build relationships with their peers across regions and divisions.

As part of orientation, new hires are introduced to the Goldman Sachs Experience, a new framework that highlights our heritage and culture to new hires, and delivers ongoing career development based on an individual’s unique needs and career aspirations. The GS Experience is a collection of learning opportunities and interactions with our people and our business that focuses on foundational and continued learning, as well as helping new hires to navigate the firm and understand the Goldman Sachs culture.

Goldman Sachs offers numerous programs for employees to expand their knowledge and enhance their skillsets, including our foundational learning initiative, which ensures that new hires have the essential tools, skills and technical expertise they need to succeed from the moment they first start their careers. Even before their first day of orientation, new hires participate in Jumpstart Your Learning, an interactive online curriculum featuring short videos, practice exercises, assessments and direct communication with instructors. 

Throughout their careers, the firm provides opportunities for continued and experiential learning that enable employees to improve their skills and expertise in order to develop professionally and personally. To better navigate Goldman Sachs, new employees receive firm support, mentorship and access to senior leadership through an active sponsorship model. Through this model, managing directors and partners contribute to the experience by hosting roundtable discussions, brown bag lunches and office hours. Additionally, they are encouraged to leverage their regional and university alumni networks, and to take advantage of the affinity networks, Talks@GS and Community TeamWorks projects that the firm has to offer.

“I have been really impressed with the investment the firm’s made in us and learned so much these last few weeks that I know I’ll apply to the work I’ll be doing now and in the future,” an analyst said. “The enthusiasm and energy involved in providing us a great basis to begin our careers and all the support has been more than I could have imagined.”