Bengaluru Office Hosts Students for "GS Quantify" Competition

The Goldman Sachs Bengaluru office hosted more than 2,500 engineering students for the annual GS Quantify competition on October 26. During the competition, students explored the role of Goldman Sachs Strats by solving real-world quantitative finance and analytics problems. 38 students from eight engineering schools across India were selected to attend the final round event.

Paddy Balasubramanian, a managing director in the firm’s Finance division, kicked off the computer science, quantitative and machine learning competition. He presented three problem statements that students were asked to solve.

Goldman Sachs Strats professionals designed bond clustering, tick engine and FX market modeling problems to give students an understanding of the Strats role. Problem solutions required students to use linear algebra, stochastic calculus, data mining, algorithms and data structures. Via an active online forum called Hackerrank, Goldman Sachs professionals were on hand to provide guidance to students as they formulated solutions during the four-day opening round of the finals of the competition.

After an afternoon of networking, the 13 final teams presented their solutions to a judging panel comprised of senior Strats team members. The judges named the winning team “Set_Dosa_Vada_Coffee” from India Institute of Technology Madras. Ariel Amdur, a vice president in the Securities Division, provided closing remarks and distributed prizes to the winners. Members of the winning team received an iPhone® 6, and all finalists received an iPad Air® 2 for participation.

“This platform has been great and is truly one of a kind – [it is] the toughest contest that happens at our schools and it helps us learn and understand the roles of Strats at Goldman Sachs.” - Student Participant, GS Quantify

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