Technology Division Hosts Hands-On Engineering Expo for Interns

Summer Interns in the firm’s Technology Division recently participated in the 2014 Engineering Expo where they talked with colleagues throughout the division, met senior leaders of the firm, and learned about the diverse products, services and platforms of the firm.

The 2014 Engineering Expo featured over two dozen booths that showcased the latest engineering innovations and projects from divisional business units. Project and team leaders discussed their initiatives, presented their work and answered questions. 

There were demonstrations of the latest proprietary GS Mobile App, a presentation about security implications of cloud computing and services, and ways for interns to explore how collaborative engineering is driving technology innovation at Goldman Sachs. Alaba, a summer intern, remarked, "the expo is a great opportunity for us to meet the whole Technology Division and to discover the many business units and really cool projects here at the firm."

Senior leaders of the firm attended the event, with Paul Walker, co-head of the Technology Division, joining interns during the expo and mingling on the exhibit floor, answering questions. Marty Chavez, the firm’s Chief Information Officer, gave a talk that stressed the importance of technology to Goldman Sachs, and how each person's contribution through meaningful work helps create success through innovation.

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