Ask the Recruiter: Abigail

Abigail, a recruiter in our New York office, answers frequently asked questions about summer internships at Goldman Sachs.

At the end of 2012 Goldman Sachs launched a series of online information sessions to introduce prospective job applicants to the firm. The "Discover Goldman Sachs" video webcasts featured overviews of the firm, its regions and divisions, as well as tips on interviewing and résumé writing. The series attracted hundreds of participants and generated many questions, some we've grouped below—answered by Abigail.


What do you first see when you look at a résumé?
Formatting! It is important to take time formatting your résumé so that it looks like a professional business document – this is your first impression of yourself and you want to look organized and professional.  Find ways to separate the different sections in the résumé, either through using bold fonts, capitalization or lines to divide each section.

How should I prepare for an interview?
You should have a high level understanding of what the firm does and have done research on the firm’s culture and Business Principles. It is important to know how you can apply your strengths and skills to a particular division. Interviewers always speak highly of candidates who have done their research and can cite specifics about the firm.


Can I ask questions during the interview?
Yes, please ask questions! We encourage questions throughout the interview. You should always have questions prepared for the end of the interview. This is a chance for us to get to know you and for you to know us! Be able to speak about yourself and your past experiences with confidence and ease. You should be able to articulate everything listed on your resume as well as your strengths and weaknesses.

How should we follow up?
Following up is important to do after a networking session whether it’s a coffee chat, informal meeting, or an interview. Most follow up emails thank the interviewer for their time and also highlight something unique that the person took away from the conversation.


What kinds of training do you offer for summer employees?
Goldman Sachs provides interns with the tools they need to be successful and offers opportunities to learn more about the firm and Goldman’s culture.  Each division uniquely tailors their training. For example, the Securities Division training program differs from Investment Banking's program. Securities interns participate in a trading simulation and due to the rotational nature of the program receive overviews on every business. Investment Banking interns learn more valuation and modeling.

How often will an intern receive formal feedback?
For interns to learn quickly and perform to their best ability it is important we deliver on-going feedback. The firm is based on a culture of excellence and to meet this standard we are constantly providing guidance on how to enhance our work product. During the summer program, feedback is delivered by desk coordinates, mentors, senior sponsors, campus recruiters, and school team members, to name a few.