Ask the India Recruiter - Shwetha, Bengaluru

Shwetha, a recruiter in the Human Capital Management Division based in Bengaluru, talks about the office's growth over the past decade and the types of career opportunities available there today.

Can you tell us about Goldman Sachs in Bengaluru?
The BengaluruF office has been an integral part of the firm since it opened in 2004. We have seen significant growth in that time; in fact, all divisions are now represented in the Bengaluru office. From only a few dozen people in 2004, we are now over 4,000 people. We have grown by hiring both experienced professionals and campus hires with varied backgrounds and degrees—engineering and finance, business and liberal arts. We always point out the importance of Bengaluru, now the third largest Goldman Sachs office and the largest Operations office for the firm.

What is your background as a recruiter with Goldman Sachs?
I joined Goldman Sachs in 2006 as a recruiter on the experienced hire team and focused on firmwide hiring in Bengaluru, where at that time we started to grow significantly. Currently I co-lead the Bengaluru office campus recruiting efforts for seven divisions of the firm, with primary responsibility for our Operations and Finance Divisions.

What type of career opportunities exist in Bengaluru?
We offer a wide variety of opportunities to candidates from diverse academic backgrounds. For example, a student with an engineering degree can have opportunities not only in our Technology Division, but also in our Securities, Operations and Human Capital Management divisions. Our Analyst programs provide clear insights into our firm and culture, access to robust training programs, and opportunities to interact and work with global teams. Regardless of which area or business they join, our new analysts work directly with internal clients alongside the experts in our firm.

Can you tell us about the recruiting process for the firm in India?
Our recruiting process differs slightly by division and by school. We hire from a wide range of schools covering undergraduate and management schools (B-schools). We begin recruiting on campus starting in June every year and continue to February. Our senior leaders travel with the recruiting team for our divisional presentations. At B-schools, this is followed by a networking event where the students have an opportunity to interact with us. To help prospective recruits gain insights, we have an alumnus who is working at Goldman Sachs join these events to share their experience at the firm.

What are your recruitment efforts focused on right now?
A key focus for us now are STEM majors — science, technology, engineering and math — for positions in the Operations Division. We have other teams who are hiring candidates with these backgrounds as well. Working closely with the business, we always try to determine the exact fit of the candidates within specific roles. We are also focused on increasing engagement with candidates on campus through various initiatives like case-study/skills workshops, tech-talk series, etc., so we can tell the story of the firm and the Bengaluru office. 

What skills and attributes do you look for in candidates for Operations?
In Operations, we are open to candidates across all disciplines; however, we look for key attributes like communication skills, team skills, eagerness to learn and taking ownership. We also seek candidates with an intellectual curiosity, who can look at situations innovatively. 

How can a candidate demonstrate that they possess these attributes and skills?
We look at the types of activities that candidates have been engaged in through school, such as team sports, events or group projects; or even outside school where they may have volunteered for a charitable organization. It helps for the candidates to cite specific examples of where they may have demonstrated creativity or leadership qualities. For example, perhaps they helped resolve conflict within a team or have come up with a very innovative solution to a problem. Examples and situations are excellent ways for candidates to show us what makes them a special candidate who stands apart from the rest. 

What are the top tips you would give to candidates preparing to interview?
The most important thing is for candidates to do their homework. They should research not only the financial services industry, but also get to know Goldman Sachs—there is a lot of information about the firm on—and a candidate should explore our divisions and follow us on our social media channels!